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Many people make the simple and understandable mistake of buying the cheapest part available without factoring in the true cost of the system. You may find although some systems are technically stainless steel, most sellers don’t mention the pipework grade. Grades such as 409 have an iron content so high it is actually still magnetic with a Keltec Performance Exhaust System we only use T304 grade.

A lot of internet order systems are built in jigs, this means if they are ever so slightly out they can cause major problems with fitting, with a Keltec Custom Exhaust you do not have this issue as they are individually built to your vehicle just like a tailored suit.

Some suppliers offer a guarantee with their system, what they fail to mention is that if there is an issue you may have to post the entire exhaust back to them for inspection and as you know you can not drive your car without an exhaust, with a Keltec Performance System any issues you may have, you can call up, book in and we will do any rectification work needed in most cases while you wait although this is a rare occurrence. Finally you have the price of getting the system fitted, when you get a quote from Keltec Performance we quote you on building the system and fitting it to your vehicle.

All exhaust systems created by Keltec are manufactured from the highest quality steel and to exacting manufacturing standards, that is why we are able to offer a Lifetime Guarantee which assures you that our exhausts will last the lifetime of your vehicle.

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