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Keltec Performance are an experienced custom exhaust systems manufacturer. Our bespoke systems are designed yo meet your needs. We manufacture our exhausts from the highest grade T304 stainless steel pipe & all of our exhaust silencers are hand-built at our depot to achieve any look or sound you require, which is why we are able to offer our unique Lifetime Guarantee on all our exhaust systems.

We can manufacture the exhaust the way you want in house. We can build the exhaust to have a quiet or sporty sound. With a Keltec Performance exhaust you have the option of a factory look or you have the option to go bold and stand out from the crowd check out our gallery! We have a vast range of tailpipes to allow you to put your stamp on your new exhaust. We can make you anything from a manifold to a backbox a cat back or a turbo to rear you could go with a single exit or duplex resonated or de-res the choice is yours

We are able to repair most exhaust failures and can also advise on any future problems which may occur within the standard factory exhaust system.

The Benefits Of A Custom Stainless Steel Exhaust

  • Improves Airflow through the system
  • Increases Vehicle Performance
  • Increase mpg
  • Improves Style, Look and Finish
  • More Durable and Higher Quality than factory model

Common Exhaust Faults

There are many reasons an exhaust can fail, some due to age some due to neglagance here are a few tips to look after your system.

Worn Engine Mountings

The flexinble coupling gets put under alot of stress when mounts are worn as the exhaust is held to the body and also the engine, when the engine moves under acceleration worn mounts cause premature wear on the flexible coupling and can cause it to snap.

Rubber Mountings

Mountings start to sag split and even snap with age,this brings you system closer to the ground and cause stress fractures and impact damage.

Cat Converters

An engine misfire is the #1 cause of a converter failing,a misfire causes unburnt fuel to enter the converter and with the heat that is generated causes the monolith to collapse.we can supply tyre approved units or sports cats steel or ceramic!


The dpf is a part of the system that is essential on cutting pollution on the modern day diesel, these need re generating on a regular basis by trips on the motorway ect. Constant short trips can cause the dpf to clog and lead to failure of this item, for more advise on this give us a call.

All exhaust systems created by Keltec are manufactured from the highest quality steel and to exacting manufacturing standards, that is why we are able to offer a Lifetime Guarantee which assures you that our exhausts will last the lifetime of your vehicle.

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